Energy Management

Energy Surveys

Green Eco Commercial Services provides a complete Energy Survey, mapping out your current standards, applying these to the benchmark for your industry and producing a report based on th survey findings.
The report will include measures and technologies that are recommended for your business, along with guideline costs associated.  
Once the report is completed, we will visit you to discuss the findings and discuss the next steps in your energy management plan, such as implementing measures designed to reduce energy useage and costs.
Following on from the Energy Survey we will be able to recommend installers and engineers, or install and project manage ourselves.
As the starting point for any energy management scheme or initiative, it is important to know your current standards. 

Energy Audits

Energy Brokerage

Energy Consultancy

In addtion to an energy survey, we can also conduct energy audits on an annual or quarterly basis in line with your existing energy management system.  All auditors are fully qualified and experienced.
Increasing energy prices are a significant cause for concern in the difficult conditions of todays business landscape.  By using our energy brokerage services, we can reduce your energy cost, and best of all we can do it with no investment from you.
Most businesses are experts in their field, however even the largest of organisations can experience problems with compliance and saving costs if they are not dedicated to reducing them and complying.  As industry experts we offer full consultancy services.

Metering and Monitoring

Feasibility Studies

ESOS and ISO 50001

It is likely that you know how much you are spending on your energy bills.  It is very unlikely that you know exactly where that energy is being used within your business.  With metering and monitoring services, you can see exactly where you spend, and how you can reduce that cost.
Knowing which measures and technologies to install in an ever growing market can be confusing and is not for the faint hearted.  By having a feasibilty study carried out by us, you will be clear on the options and what they mean regarding costs and savings to your organisation.
If you are considered as a large organisation, either with 250 or more employees, a turnover of more than £50 million or both, you are now legally required to operate an energy management system.  We can help with our services, or simply for some advice.
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