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We are a group of companies offering domestic, commercial and investment services within the renewables industry.  In addition to renewables we offer a full energy consultation and energy brokerage service, fully funded solar pv rental systems and a full range of Green Deal services includign the ECO scheme (Energy Company Obligations) for low income households.
All of the services we provide are designed to be cost effective and have the overall aim of reducing environmental impact within the UK, ensuring a cleaner and greener world for future generations.
The Green Eco Group was founded in 2012 by Stewart 'James' Loftus.  Originally a Green Deal Advisory Organisation (GDAO) the company quuickly adapted to the dissapointing takeup of the Green Deal and began working in conjunction with other Green Deal organisations on the ECO scheme, offering Free boiler installations to low income families and households.
Solar PV is in our bones and we have extensive knowledge of supplying, designing, installing and maintaining a large quantity of systems.  Below is a solar PV counter, updated weekly with the amount of active solar capacity we have installed to date.
With previous experience of the renewables industry, it was decided that the company would once again start trading in renewables with the company qucikly becoming one of the fastest growing renewables organisations in the UK.
Since the company began in 2012 it has grown considerably increasing turnover year on year by up to 200%.

and counting!

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Whether you are an SME or a private domestic customer, we can help you acheive your energy needs.  By implementing our guidance, advice and actions, you can reduce your environmental impact, save on your energy bills and ensure your future compliance with upcoming Government schemes such as ESOS.  Below are some of the products and services we offer through the group...
  1. 1
    Solar Photovoltaic
    Solar PV uses the sun's energy to produce electricity for your property or premises. We offer FREE no obligation quotations for products and services...
  2. 1
    Heat Pumps
    Heat pumps work by taking the residual energy from a source, air, water or ground, and converting it to useful heat...
  3. 2
    Biomass Systems
    Biomass heating systems use materials such as waste timber products and burn them to create heat for your property or premises...
  4. 3
    Conventional Heating
    Our conventional gas and oil heating systems are all high specification and come with industry leading warranties and peace of mind...
  5. 5
    Energy Consultancy
    With a combined experience of over 50 years between the senior management of the company we are uniquely placed to offer guidance and advice on energy related concerns...
  6. 5
    Free to Fit Solar PV
    With unique access to funding that is not dependent on Government initiatives such as the Feed in Tariff, we can ensure longevity for industry, staff and clients...
  7. 6
    LED Lighting and Voltage Optimisation
    Homeowners and businesses are wasting electricity in vast quantities by using conventional lighting rather than LED bulbs. In addition a voltage optimizer could reduce wastage by up to 50%...
  8. 7
    Investment Services
    With constant uncertainty and upheaval in the renewables industry, many investors are struggling to maintain confidence. With long term investment strategies that work we are able to offer a stable product along with our corporate finance partners with excellent ROI and mind blowing IRR